Kitten Lady offers materials to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals with the goal of increasing public education about kitten care.

The Orphan Kittens booklet is a free 12-page resource about how to care for a kitten, from initial assessment all the way through to adoption. Covering issues such as feeding, stimulation, veterinary needs, and even compassion fatigue and self care, this is a great tool to help foster parents feel prepared for kitten care. 

In a 2016 survey conducted by Kitten Lady, more than 50% of kitten foster parents reported that their shelter provides no written resources in the care of kittens. The study also found that foster parents who did receive training materials reported increased confidence, and found a significant correlation between access to training materials and survival rates of kittens 0-4 weeks of age. For this reason, Kitten Lady was inspired to create a free educational booklet for individuals and animal shelters. 


If you're an individual animal rescuer or a representative of an animal rescue organization, please download and print as many copies of the booklet as you'd like! Click here for a downloadable PDF


If you're a representative of a U.S. animal shelter and would like free professionally printed copies of the booklet for your facility, please fill out the request form HERE to receive free booklets for use in shelter programming. 

This is a beautiful 12 page glossy booklet coming in packs of 25, and is to be used for the following:

1) Foster Programs: This booklet is to be shared as a resource for new and existing foster parents who care for kittens. If possible, use this in tandem with hands-on training from your shelter staff or an outside trainer (learn about Kitten Lady's trainings here.) 

2) Intervention Programs: This is also a fantastic resource for people attempting to surrender kittens at the shelter. Simply encouraging these people to foster (and providing educational materials) can eliminate the need for impoundment. Intervention programs can dramatically decrease intake--so keep these booklets on hand, and provide them to community members who find orphan kittens.

3) Staff Trainings: This booklet should be shared with all animal care and customer service staff to ensure that all employees have a basic understanding of the care of orphan kittens.