changing the world for the tiniest felines

Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and unwavering animal advocate who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. Her project, Kitten Lady, strives to create global change in the way we perceive and treat the tiniest and most vulnerable felines: orphan kittens

Kitten Lady provides educational mediatraining resources, and instructional workshops and consulting services that help individuals and animal shelters learn how to save the lives of kittens--in a fun and engaging format.

The project has amassed a viral social media following and captured the attention of media outlets around the world. Shaw shares inspiring and adorable images from the daily life of a kitten advocate on her Instagram and Facebook, and educational videos about kitten care through her YouTube channel.

Shaw also operates Kitten Lady Inc, an organization which provides rescue and adoption services to orphaned kittens in the Washington DC area.