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Catster Magazine

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Washingtonian Magazine

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BUST Magazine

OK! Magazine, Germany

OK! Magazine, Germany

Press coverage 

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Wide Open Pets: Kitten Lady: Advocating by Day and Rescuing Kittens by Night

Petsmart Charities: Neonatal Kitten Warrior The Kitten Lady Advocates for Neonatal Kittens

Cosmopolitan Germany: The Kitten Lady So cool kann Tierschutz sein

Meow Quarterly: Kitten Lady

NY Mag/The Cut: I Wish I Rescued Kittens for a Living

Care2: Purricane Season is Coming

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PetMD: Two Orphaned Kittens Get a Second Chance At Life...And a Fun Playdate

I Heart Cats: Meet the Kitten Lady Who Has Single-Handedly Rescued Hundreds of Kittens

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The Atlantic: Meet the Woman Rescuing D.C.'s Orphaned Street Kittens

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Catster Magazine: We Chat With Hannah Shaw, the Neonatal Kitten Warrior

VICE: Kitten Rescuer Is a Real Career and This Woman Has It

Mother Nature Network: Meet Hannah Shaw, Neonatal Kitten Warrior

Karnaval (Turkey): Hayatını Kedilere Adadı (She Dedicated Her Life to Kittens)

Love Meow: Tireless Fosterer Saves Day Old Orphan Kitten

Animal Sheltering Magazine: Fostering Hope


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