Weighing Kittens

Monitoring weight is an absolutely essential part of orphan kitten care. Knowing the kitten's weight will help you determine their progress and wellbeing, will help with dosing medication and food, and will alert you when the kitten is unwell. Weighing kittens is not optional--you must make it part of your kitten care routine.

Weigh kittens at least once per day and write down the weight. A healthy kitten should gain a minimum of 10 grams per day. If the kitten is not gaining weight, or is losing weight, this is a sign of illness and should be addressed immediately. 

Use a small digital scale to weigh your kittens such as a digital kitchen scale. Placing the kitten in a bowl on the scale will help keep the kitten stable--just be sure to tare the scale first so that only the kitten's weight is being recorded. Watch the video below to see how to easily weigh a kitten:

Check out the Weight and Feeding Chart to determine the average healthy weight for each week of kitten development, and note that this is only a guideline--not a rule book. Every kitten's weight will vary, but what is most important is that the kitten is making progress. If the kitten is underweight or losing weight, bring her to a vet immediately to ensure that she is treated and supportive care is put into place.