Essential Supplies

The following are a list of favorite supplies and product links, listed by category. These are not official endorsements, but represent products that Kitten Lady likes and recommends to people who are caring for kittens. I hope this helps you furnish your home with all the essentials to make fostering fun and easy! Happy shopping!


kitten formulas

Breeder's Edge Formula 12oz (great for a solo kitten)

Kitten Milk Replacer 12oz (great for a solo kitten)

Breeder's Edge Formula 4.5lb (great for multiple kittens)

Kitten Milk Replacer 28oz (great for multiple kittens) 

Breeder's Edge Formula 20lb (bulk size for rescue orgs and shelters)


bottles and nipples

PetAg bottle kit (your standard kit!)

Miracle Nipple Mini (my preferred nipple attachment)

Miracle Nipple (larger version of my preferred nipple attachment)

3cc Syringes (for syringe feeding very young kittens)


Babycat Wet Food

Wellness Kitten Wet Food

Grain Free Freedom Kitten Food

Mom and Babycat Dry Food



Bottle Warmer 

Mini Whisks (to eliminate clumps)

Blender Bottle (to eliminate clumps and store formula)

Shallow Food Dish (so they can reach!)

Baby Spoons (I use these for weaning!)

PetNet Smart Feeder (automatic feeder for kibble)

Microchip Feeder (for feeding cats separately)




comfort sources

Snuggle Kitty (stuffed animal with heartbeat)

Snuggle Puppy (they don't know the difference!)

Toothbrush Bulk Pack (for comforting babies!)


On the go/carriers

Sleepypod (luxury carrier with circular shape and built-in cat bed -- my preferred carrier for solo kittens, litters of kittens, or even adult cats!)

Sleepypod Mini (smaller version of the Sleepypod -- great for one kitten but wouldn't recommend for large litters)

U-Pet Bag (fashionable animal carrier with a big window viewer)

Disposable Cardboard Carriers (12 pack of single-use carriers for frequent fosterers)



Shark Bed/Hideaway

Strawberry Hideaway

Banana Kitten Bed

Blue Cat Tent

Kitty Kasa (seen in my nursery)

Heat sources

Snuggle Safe (microwavable heating pad)

Heating Pad (cat safe/chew resistant)

Incubator (consistent radiant heat and humidification for frequent neonate care)



Small 28" Playpen

Medium 45" Playpen (an essential!)

Large 61" Playpen

Transparent DIY Playpen (clear panels that click together into various shapes/sizes!)

Clear Plastic Tub (this is what I use for my 0-3 week old kittens -- DO NOT USE LID.)


Blankets and mats

Microfleece Baby Blankets (pattern: grey bears)

Microfleece Baby Blankets (pattern: woodland creatures)

Microfleece Baby Blankets (pattern: blue and yellow)

Receiving Blankets (for nursing)

Thermal Mat



Fragrance-Free Natural Dish Soap (for bathing kittens with fleas)

Organic Fragrance-Free Baby Shampoo (for bathing dirty kittens)

Cotton Rounds (good for cleaning faces)



Rescue Wipes (kills most viral and bacterial agents)

Rescue Disinfectant (ready-to-use solution)

Rescue Concentrate (to be diluted at home)

Stainless Steel Cart (perfect for keeping things clean and sanitized!)


Yesterday's News (kitten safe non-clumping)

World's Best Cat Litter (kitten safe clumping)

Kitten Attract (for difficult to train kittens)

Litter Genie (for hassle-free litter scooping)



Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes (for clean up after meals/peeing)

Wipe Warmer (to keep your wipes cozy)

Puppy Pads (for laying under messy spots like food dishes or litter pans)



Please note: these are not all of the supplies you will need to keep kittens healthy! Please see a veterinarian to diagnose kitten conditions on a case-by-case basis and purchase prescriptions as needed. The following are at-home products that I find helpful for general health. 

routine care

Nemex Dewormer (pyrantel)

Digital Scale (for weighing kittens daily in grams) 

Nail Trimmer

Flea Comb

Saline Solution (pre-filled syringes of saline, great for wound flushing, URI support)



Dextrose 50% (sugar replacer for hypoglycemic kittens)

Injectable B12 (use subcutaneously and only with training. Standard kitten dose of .1ml [note the decimal: point one] is safe and water soluble)

Tube Feeding Kit (use only with training)

Nebulizer (for URI treatment)


Benebac (my preferred probiotic)

Proviable (another probiotic)

Pedialyte (an essential for dehydrated kittens)

Electrolyte Drops (alternative to Pedialyte)

Hi-Vite Drops (vitamin supplement for anemic or vitamin deficient kittens)

Gas Drops (kitten safe drops for gassy babies)

Miralax (kitten safe laxative - use just a pinch for constipation)

NutriCal for Kittens (high calorie supplement)

Gerber Chicken Food (for fussy/sick kittens)

CliniCare (complete meal replacement for weaned kittens requiring liquid diet)




keep 'em happy


Cat Dancer (the cheapest, but most loved cat toy)

Rainbow Rope (a classic favorite)

Jackson Galaxy Wand (kittens freak out over this one)

Crinkle Balls (12 pack - this is a must!)

Jingle Balls (well loved by kittens)

Mouse Toys (the best!)


Room Enrichment

Collapsible Tunnel

Ladybug Mobile Mat (a wonderful mat with hanging toys that kittens love)


Freeze Dried Chicken Treats (kittens love them!)



Circular Scratcher Toy (easy to sanitize between litters!)

Scratch Post (this is my very favorite scratch post!)

Cat Couch (a scratch post shaped like a couch!)



PetCube Camera (watch and play laser while out of the room)

Nest Security Camera (high quality monitoring camera for in-home)