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ORIGIN: The internet brings people together, kittens and cats included. Tidbit came to Kitten Lady when he was about 1-2 days old, after a friend of rukasthecat, found him outside and alone. His umbilical chord was still attached, and he hadn't eaten in about 10 hours. 

ABOUT THE KITTEN: As a tiny little nugget, Tidbit, didn't do much more than eat and sleep, but as time went on, his personality developed into a super playful kitten who loves running, and is pretty good about coming when you call his name. He also made his YouTube debut in a Foster Failing video that answers one of the most asked questions, "Don't you want to keep him?????" 

JOURNEY: He may have come to Kitten Lady hungry, but he's anything but now. He ate up a storm, and stayed right on track with all his milestones. Just look at his birthday photos to see how quickly he developed!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Tidbit found his forever home in the Washington, D.C. area where he has a new brother Bo, and you can follow along with on Instagram at Big.Tiddy.