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The Spicies 

ORIGIN: Meet the 5 spicies! These babies were found outside in the freezing cold at around 10 days old, with no mother in sight. Fortunately, the PSPCA called Kitten Lady and the rest is history! 

ABOUT THE KITTENS: These 5 little nuggets have 5 very distinct personalities. Cholula is the bruiser of the bunch! She's got a double-wide head, a voracious appetite, and a deep hearty purr. Texas Pete is a snuggler who loves a belly rub with a toothbrush (grooming the kittens with a toothbrush helps to stimulate a mother's grooming, and teaches the kittens how to groom themselves as well!) Frank is a tabby boy with white white paws, and he may be tiny but he has a big personality. He loves belly rubs so much he will purr and purr and fall right asleep. Valentina is the only grey baby of the litter, and is a total sweetheart with fancy pink toes that have earned her the name Valentina Ballerina! Harissa is the tiniest of the bunch, but has the feistiest personality of all--she's an adventurer always trying to explore her surroundings.

The spicies starred in this video about the 5 Ways to Comfort a Kitten:

JOURNEY: These 5 bundles of fun were some of the easiest kittens to raise. They were curious, rambunctious, and super playful. Harissa, Valentina, Cholula, Frank, and Texas Pete love to sleep in their bed. Check out these adorable photos of them snuggled up together!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW:  When adopting out a litter of 3 or more kittens, Kitten Lady attempts to adopt the most bonded pairs out together, and the most independent kitten out by his or herself, and into a home that already has another cat so they'll have a companion and playmate. The Spicies found their forever families, and you can watch them all grow up on Instagram. The two boys, Frank and Texas Pete were adopted together by their new cat dad, and you can follow the boys club at FranknTexasPete. Little ladies, Harissa and Valentina went together to their new home, and you'll find them at ValentinandHarissa. Cholula, Miss Independent, found her new home with big sister, Clark, and you'll see all her adventures at SpicyCholula