The BushBabies

ORIGIN: While Hannah was in Philadelphia for a speaking engagement at ACCT Philly, they received twenty litters of kittens who urgently needed foster care in order to save them. Hannah left with one litter of four orphan kittens who were two weeks old.

ACCT Philly Rocks!

ACCT Philly Rocks!

JOURNEY: Three out of four of the kittens were in great shape but the tiniest of the bunch, Sprout, had two abscesses (a small wound becomes infected and fills with pus), one on her backside, and one on her front leg which were tended to with antibiotic. She also received fluids and plasma as a supportive care measure. The abscess on her front leg burst exposing her muscle and tendons. She was already set to have a visit with NOVA Cat Clinic, and the best tech there is, Ellen, but luckily they were able to get her in immediately, and Ellen was able to clean her arm, give her a few stitches, and prescribe additional antibiotics to help her heal. If you want to see the before and after pictures of Sprout's abscesses (warning: graphic content), you can find them here on the Kitten Lady Instagram.


WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Under the care of Kitten Lady until they're old enough to go to their forever home.