The donut kittens: Jelly, Fritter, and Bearclaw 

ORIGIN: The Washington Humane Society contacted Kitten Lady for these three little monsters. Their origin before this is unknown.


ABOUT THE KITTENS: Even though some say these three kittens look identical, they are very distinct. Jelly, the smallest of the three, is a tiny prom queen. She loves to strut her stuff, take naps, and try to drag things around that are much much bigger than she is. Fritter, the fatty, is a furry woodland creature. He can out eat any kitten ever, and is always ready to purr when it’s time for some lovin’. Bearclaw is a model. He’s Mr. Perfect. We are pretty sure his parents were a Beanie Baby and a Lisa Frank drawing.

THEIR STORY: The donuts were loved by their fans and were featured in two instructional YouTube videos which you can watch below. Jelly and her crown made it onto "Tiny But Mighty" Kitten Lady merch, and she even got her own rap!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Fritter and Jelly were adopted together, and can be found on Instagram at FritterandJelly. Bearclaw was adopted into a home where he has three new tabby friends! You can follow him on Instagram at HouseofTabbies.