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ORIGIN: This sweet little feral baby came from the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York, and traveled back to the DC area with Kitten Lady. 

ABOUT THE KITTEN: Pigeon is aptly named as she is simply misunderstood just like the bird. The unique color of her coat makes her look more like a squirrel than a kitten. She has a gentle purr, and is very inquisitive. Her favorite thing are armpit scratches, but she'll take some on the belly too. 

JOURNEY: Around 2:00 a.m., a  local Brooklyn resident was attempting to rescue Pigeon, and her feral colony, when Kitten Lady, coming back from a workshop at Meow Parlour, spotted the situation and offered her assistance. The young lady was without a trap, so Hannah used a food and blanket to catch Pidge. She had a bad eye and upper respiratory infection, but is receiving treatment from an oral and ophthalmic antibiotics, and both are showing signs of improvement. She is still working on being around humans and noises, but she's on the path to socialization.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Pigeon found her forever home in Virginia with two new siblings, Charlie and Louis. She loves chasing toys, and running up climbing posts. You can follow her journey at CapitolCats on Instagram.