Orphaned kittens

Orphaned kittens are kittens who do not have a mother to care for them -- so you have to be their mother. Fostering orphaned kittens is extremely rewarding but also potentially challenging. Make sure before you take in orphaned kittens you consider the following:

  • If you found the orphans outside, make sure they are truly orphaned. 
  • Orphans require around-the-clock care. You will need to be available to bottle feed them every 2-3 hours, including during work hours and overnight. Consider whether you can handle this, or if you have someone to co-foster with you. You can learn how to bottle feed by watching my instructional video
  • Orphans require special supplies and special formula designed for kittens -- you cannot feed kittens milk or anything else you have around the house. Be sure you can access a pet supply store or feed store that has Kitten Milk Replacer. For a full list of supplies you'll need, check out "preparing for fostering."
  • Orphans can be difficult to care for. Make sure you have ample support -- you might want to find a mentor in your community who has experience and can help you navigate the challenges of orphaned kitten care.

If this sounds like something you're able to do, then welcome to the Kitten Lady club! Please check out my Fostering Tips for advice on how to get these babies through foster care and out into loving homes. 



See more videos about kitten care at my YouTube!