the sun will come out tomorrow

Orphan Annie is a kitten rescued by Kitten Lady at 5 weeks of age. Annie was found in very poor condition -- covered in maggots, unable to walk, and blind. Despite her condition, it was clear that she still had hope, and a strong will to live.

A veterinarian was scheduled to euthanize her, but Kitten Lady don't play like that. Swooped up by the Kitten Lady crew, Annie was given a chance to get cleaned up, medicated, and fully examined to determine the best course for recovery.

After two weeks of treatment and physical therapy, I'm thrilled to announce that Annie is regaining her vision, is purring and energetic, and is miraculously beginning to walk on her own!

Orphaned kittens are not hopeless. They survive when we decide that they are worth saving. We have hope for your full recovery, Annie!


Thank you Sugar Fueled for creating this beautiful print of Orphan Annie. You can purchase the print in the Kitten Lady shop HERE