ORIGIN: Numpkin (aka Numpkin Spice) was a 3 week old male kitten who was dropped off on Kitten Lady's friend's porch in a box The box contained a syringe of cow's milk--a dangerous sign. It's assumed the person meant well but did not know how dangerous and deadly dairy is for a kitten.

JOURNEY: Numpkin's had quite an easy journey. After cleaning out the cow's milk from his system, he needed a good bath because he was dirty and covered in fleas. After some proper feedings, he was well on his way to becoming the cutest kitten in all the land.

ABOUT THE KITTEN: Numpkin had the cutest little Bambi on ice walk as she got his legs (literally) under him. He's super playful, and loves gazing out windows. One of his favorite activities was taking on Chloe in wrestling matches. He definitely thought he's her size.

Speaking of Chloe, it's important to remember you can't just put two kittens - especially different sizes and non-littermates - together right off the bat. Here are some helpful FAQs:

Question: Can you introduce kittens from different litters? 

Answer: Yes--after a separation period of 2 weeks. During the first 2 weeks, you should be treating for internal/external parasites and monitoring for symptoms of illness. After 2 weeks, as long as everyone is healthy and parasite free, they can become friends! The quarantine period is essential as it ensures that kittens are safe and healthy.

Question: Can you introduce kittens of different ages? 

Answer: Potentially, with caution! Kittens of different developmental stages can provide learning opportunities and enrichment to one another, but will not necessarily be able to play fairly. For this reason, it's best to only allow kittens of different ages to play together under supervision so that no one gets hurt. While Chloe might look big and tough next to Numpkin, she's actually very gentle with him!

Question: Should I foster more than one kitten at once? 

Answer: Fostering a litter of kittens is amazing, but sometimes you do get solo babies who don't have the benefit of having littermates. Safely fostering kittens from different letters does require a bit more work due to the need for a 2 week separation period. If you're able to do it, it can make a huge impact on the lives of solo kittens, who benefit greatly from early exposure to feline friendship. Kittens do best with a friend--whether that's a littermate or a critter from another litter! While Chloe and Numpkin are a funny pair, there's no doubt that they both appreciate having a friend.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Numpkin headed to his forever home in New Jersey with his new big brother Muzzy. Follow him on Instagram at numpkinpumpkin