ORIGIN: Kitten Lady thought she was getting out of North Carolina after a training at an animal shelter in Vance County without a kitten, but that just didn’t go according to plan. Munchkin was at the shelter with a big wound on her face. She definitely needed some extra care.

ABOUT THE KITTEN: Munchkin is one of the sweetest kittens in all the land, and purrs like crazy. Black cats and kittens are often the hardest to find homes for, but Munchkin has big yellow eyes photographs like a dream, so finding someone to take her home was pretty darn easy! She is happy to cuddle on a lap, or climb on top of anything she can find.

Munchkin hanging out with Banjo.

Munchkin hanging out with Banjo.

JOURNEY: Once Munchkin made it out of North Carolina, Kitten Lady discovered that not only did she have a wound on her face, she also had fleas, ear mites, and an eye infection. But never fear, Kitten Lady is here. She got her infection and wound treated with antibiotics, an ear cleaning, and her first (and hopefully last) flea bath which you can watch below. Once she was all cleaned up, she got plenty of proper play time with Banjo and Fiddle, and her adoption process began.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Munchkin, renamed Luna, lives in Baltimore with her sisters Eloise and Penny. She can be found on Instagram at Munchkinlu.