Munay Michi

ORIGIN: Munay  Michi (moon-eye mee-chee), which means "pretty cat" in Quechua, the Incan language, may be the most unique rescue of all the kittens. Hannah found her while on vacation in Peru, after a trek to Manchu Picchu, getting aggressively passed around by a group of children.

JOURNEY: Where to start with this little South American nugget? Peru doesn't have a large stray cat population as some countries in South America, like Argentina. But if anyone was going to find a kitten to save, it's Hannah. Once she assured the children she rescues kittens, she took this hungry, dirty and flea covered little baby knowing it would be a lot of work, in a short amount of time, to try and get Munay back to the United States. She and Andrew didn't quite have a plan at first, but with the help of locals, and people back home, they managed to concoct a plan to bring Munay with them. Once they got her cleaned up and looking her best, their first challenge was getting Munay to Cusco on a train. Hannah brought her on, tucked into her sweatshirt no less, and fed Munay in the train bathroom. After that successful leg of travel, they found a vet in Cusco who was able to get Munay the proper paperwork to travel via plane for the second leg of her journey to Lima. Hannah and Andrew were successful in getting Munay through security and on a plane to Lima, but the hardest part came next as they weren't sure if the United States would let her enter the country. Luckily, they had no problems getting her through customs, and this little kitten made it to her new home in Washington, D.C.

ABOUT THE KITTEN: The first matter of business for Munay was a bath to rid her of fleas, and a lot of gentle brushing to get rid of the matted fur on her body. For a kitten who'd never been inside before, and wasn't used to people, Munay quickly adapted to getting love and attention. She has a ferocious appetite, and loves belly rubs. She also discovered the wonderful world of playing. Plus, she's a great traveler! 

Another great perk to Munay's life is she made fast friends with The Noodles after spending 2 weeks in quarantine to ensure that she has no transmissible illness. Additionally, all kittens must have a negative FIV/FeLV test, and must be dewormed and parasite free in order to integrate with others. Once they got the green light for play time, they had loads of fun with one another, taking lots of naps, and general mischief in the kitten room.

As a surprise to no one once you hear her story, Munay has become quite the little celebrity. Her story was featured in Travel and Leisure magazine

And you know her stay with Kitten Lady wouldn't be complete without one of her infamous raps!

She's also the face of Kitten Lady of the Munay Moon-Eye shirt designed by Craig Horky. Itcan be ordered in sizes XS-3X.

Munay is also an ambassador for other Peruvian street kittens like her! Kitten Lady sent $1000 from the first sales of the Munay Moon-Eye shirt to an amazing woman named Luz, who started a rescue in Lima called, "Oh My Cats." Luz rescues cats and kittens from the street and provides them care, sterilization and adoption services, and she is also actively working on sterilizing over 200 cats in a local market. It is rare to find someone doing this work in Peru, and having the ability to help her thanks to all the support of Munay is incredible. 

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Munay was adopted into her forever home in Philadephia to join her new brother Grendal. Her adoption party was streamed on YouTube and if you missed it, never fear, you can watch it here. You can watch the Peruvian Princess grow over at mm_and_gren.