Press Release: KL Playdate

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April 6, 2016


Patricia Jones,



Photos Document the First Meeting of Two Adorable Five Week Old Orphaned Kittens


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two orphaned kittens, Bruno and Boop, hit the cat lottery when 

they found their way to Hannah Shaw. Better known under the moniker “Kitten Lady,” 

Shaw is an orphaned kitten expert—and spends her days hand-raising the cutest, but 

most vulnerable, tiny kittens.


She documents the kittens’ lives and their care via photography and video (Instagram 

and YouTube) as part of a nonprofit project that shares her nickname: “Kitten Lady.” 

Through the project Shaw educates others how they can help foster orphaned kittens 

themselves—thus saving teeny, tiny lives.


On Saturday, Bruno and Boop met for the first time and their playdate was documented 

moment by moment by famed Philadelphia-based animal photographer Andrew 

Marttila (Instagram user: iamthegreatwent.) 


Neither Bruno, who was seized by animal control from a cruelty case in Washington D.C. 

at just five days old, nor Boop, who was found in the trash at one week of age by a Good 

Samaritan, had surviving litter mates. After a two week quarantine from each other, to 

ensure they were free of any contagions, the two finally met.  


Adorableness ensued. Photo series available at 


Neonatal (under 8 weeks of age) orphaned kittens are one of the most underserved 

populations by the U.S. shelter system. Due to lack of training and time demands of staff 

and/or volunteers, most shelters kill unweaned orphaned kittens upon entering an 

animal shelter. It is Shaw’s personal mission, and the mission of the Kitten Lady project, 

to change those statistics.


To learn more about Kitten Lady and learn how you can become an orphaned kitten 

foster, go to


You can also follow Bruno and Boop’s story via Kitten Lady’s social media profiles:

Twitter: @kittenxlady

Instagram: @kittenxlady


Press Release: KL Playdate


About Kitten Lady

Kitten Lady is a project of Photographers for Animals, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, 

developed by Hannah Shaw. Kitten Lady’s goal is to change the world for neonatal 

kittens. Despite popular perception, kittens are an extremely at-risk population, facing 

tremendous suffering in animal shelters and on the streets. Kitten Lady seeks to 

advance protections for these vulnerable felines by providing advocacy tools, 

educational media, and workshops and consultation to individuals and 

organizations. Additionally, Kitten Lady provides rescue to neonatal kittens in the 

Washington, D.C. area, and showcases their stories through social media. Its website is


About Photographers for Animals

Photographers for Animals is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Recognizing the impact 

and influence imagery can have on an audience to take action, Photographers for 

Animals was founded to promote animal issues and to help organizations utilize 

opportunities for photography and film. The mission of the organization is to inspire 

positive change on behalf of animals; to support those helping animals; and to 

document animals and the efforts being made on their behalf. Its website is