ORIGIN: Sometimes you rescue a kitten all the way in Peru, but other times, you rescue one right in your backyard. Juju was found by a young neighborhood boy who named him Juju after his favorite song, "Juju On That Beat".


JOURNEY: Juju's journey was a short one as he was found at 7 weeks old; which is just 1 week younger than most Kitten Lady kittens are able to go to their forever homes. The only small issue is baby Juju was a feral so he needed a bit of socialization to get the hang of being a proper non-hissy floof. 

ABOUT THE KITTEN: It didn't take long for Juju to warm up to people, and love, and cuddles. He was a sucker for attention after just a few hours in the care of Kitten Lady which meant he was put up for adoption just two weeks after he was found.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Juju is now the Vice President in her DC forever home, where his big brother, Bartlett, reigns as President. Every good household needs a proper executive branch. You can get your Cat-ipal  updates at jujuandb on Instagram.