Fizz and Wednesday

ORIGIN: While at a workshop for Richmond Animal League in Richmond, VA, one of Hannah's friends saved Fizz after he had fallen and gotten stuck between two cinder blocks not far from the workshop. Wednesday was rescued by the best vet tech ever, Ellen at Nova Cat Clinic. She was a lonesome orphan ever since her brother passed away. She became best buds with Fizz even though she was twice his age, and found a new brother to love.

Snuggle buddies for life!

Snuggle buddies for life!

JOURNEY: Fizz and Wednesday are easy peasy healthy kittens who have great appetites and fit in nicely in Kitten Lady's home.

ABOUT THE KITTENS: Fizz has quite the personality and loves to get in as many snugs as possible while sleeping. He decided early on bottle feeding was not for him, and moved straight into wet food. In fact, he prefers hand feeding because when you're a Prince, you get your wish. Check out the hangriest kitten alive in his debut YouTube video with over 1 million views.

Wednesday went straight for the bottle when she first came into Hannah's care and wasn't fussy and picky like her brother. She also has no fear exploring her current digs, sleeping in hands, and hanging out with Hannah and Andrew's cats, Coco, Eloise, and Haroun.

Wednesday is such a gentle, sweet, dignified little girl, and Fizz is a dramatic little dingus-alien-clown, and together they balance each other perfectly.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Fizz and Wednesday will head to their new home soon, and you can follow their journey on Instagram at teamfizzday.