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NEW JERSEY: Kitten Lady Workshops in Camden County!

  • Camden County College 200 College Drive Blackwood, NJ (map)


This is a fun one-day seminar focused on saving the two most at-risk feline populations: neonatal kittens, and community cats. Hosted by Camden County Animal Shelter, this all day event will feature two sessions with Hannah Shaw, also known as Kitten Lady.

We'll start with a two hour "Saving Kittens' Lives" workshop from 10:00-12:00, which will cover:

  • An overview of issues impacting cats and kittens

  • How to set up your home, manage your time, and make fostering fun

  • How to properly feed, clean, and provide basic medical care to a kitten

  • How to photograph, advertise, and find adopters for kittens

  • Self-care and coping with compassion fatigue

  • How to get involved in your local community

We'll take a 1 hour lunch from 12:00-1:00, during which you can leave to grab a snack, or stick around and watch kitten videos on the screen, mingle with local advocates, and sign up to volunteer with Camden County Animal Shelter!

In the afternoon, we'll reconvene for part two, a "Saving Community Cats" workshop which will cover:

  • Background information about community cats, their behavior, and their needs

  • Detailed information about why and how TNR saves cats and kittens' lives

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to safely and humanely trap cats and kittens

  • How to handle various scenarios including moms with babies, friendly cats, feral kittens, and more

  • How to provide effective and positive ongoing care to a colony of cats

  • ...and much more, including demonstrations, Q&A, and fun + inspiring videos and content to get you ready to save lives!

We'll also hold a one hour Q&A/meet-and-greet from 3-4, where you can hang out and chat with Kitten Lady!