Bruno and Boop

ORIGIN: Bruno and Boop came to Kitten Lady separately, but became brothers. Bruno came from a large scale cruelty case. When he was found, he was just 5 days old and he had two small cysts. Boop was found in a trash can with his other litter mates, who unfortunately did not survive. Kittens who are found outside are usually born to feral cats. It's assumed he was placed in the trash can by his mother.

ABOUT THE KITTENS: These two nuggets were raised separately in quarantine for 2 whole weeks. After their time to heal, they were finally introduced, and photographer,  Andrew Marttila documented their first play date for the world to see . Their meeting was love at first sigh, and two orphans found a family.

Bruno is an adorable little black kitten with a white spot on his chest, and Boop, previously thought to be a girl, is a gorgeous grey tabby. These two fluffs are known for their incredibly playful nature. Bruno is a genius and may be a human trapped in a cat’s body. Boop is not as smart, but he does make an excellent hype man. 

Boop didn't choose the hip hop life. It chose him.

Boop didn't choose the hip hop life. It chose him.

JOURNEY: Bruno was treated for his cysts, which was some pretty simple drainage. Boop had a case of fading kitten syndrome which is typically a death sentence for kittens without proper care. Bruno and Boop were featured in a number of instructional videos which you can watch below. Their adoption day party was documented and you can view the party here!

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Bruno and Boop live in Beacon, NY with their adopters, and sister Pippi. You can follow them, along with their 18,000 followers and counting on Instagram at BrunoAndBoop.