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Boomba, Bumble, and Bee

ORIGIN: These sweet tiny but mighty kittens found outdoors at about four days old. See their rescue video below.

ABOUT THE KITTENS:  When these kittens were still  itty bitty, they mostly just ate, slept, and wiggled around and snuggled each other on their heating pad. Boomba, the largest of the three kittens, and has a big head and little smile. He's also the troublemaker, loudest and snuggler of Bee. Bumble, the second largest, and you can tell him apart thanks to his dapper white beard. He was also the resident cuddle monster of the group. Bee, the only girl, was the tiniest of them all, and not the best eater, but Kitten Ladymade sure she gets all the food she needs. She started showing tons of energy and loves playing with her toys. As time went on, The 3B's started showing off their big personalities, and playfulness. They also really loved to climb...up pant legs and anything but a cat tree. 

JOURNEY: Though these kittens were abandoned and hungry, they hit all their major milestones right on time, and were successful paired with their new families. 

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: When adopting out a litter of 3, Kitten Lady attempts to adopt the most independent kitten out by his or herself, and into a home that already has another cat. The other more bonded two, usually get adopted together. In this case, the most independent kitten was Bumble, and you can see his new home with his sister-cat Addie, and brother-pup Harley, at Bumbleandfam on Instagram. Brother and sister, Boomba and Bee live together in their home in Pennsylvania and can be found at bbeegram on Instagram. 

Bumble, Bee, and Boomba

Bumble, Bee, and Boomba