Kitten Lady joins Photographers for Animals

Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady), Elizabeth Putsche (Photographers for Animals), and Marlin!

Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady), Elizabeth Putsche (Photographers for Animals), and Marlin!

Hey everyone!

I am thrilled to make the big announcement that Kitten Lady has joined with Photographers for Animals to become an official nonprofit project! Photographers for Animals' mission is to inspire positive change on behalf of animals, to support those helping animals, and to document animals and the efforts being made on their behalf. Kitten Lady fits right into the mission as my core goal has always been to inspire positive change for kittens through documentation of my life as a kitten rescuer. It's an honor to be part of the PFA family!

This also means that donations made to Kitten Lady are now 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. Kittens need an advocate -- and I can't do it alone. As I build Kitten Lady's resources and advocacy tools, it is only through generous donations that I can make a widespread impact. Please consider joining me and becoming a fellow neonatal kitten warrior!

I have always been a huge fan of Photographers for Animals and hope you will be, too. Check out their other initiatives, like Picture Me @ Home, which teaches animal shelters and rescues how to successfully market animals for adoption through adorable photography. 

Many thanks to Elizabeth Putsche for all the work she has done on behalf of animals, and for inviting Kitten Lady to be a part of her organization. Together, we will change the world for kittens!


Hannah Shaw, Kitten Lady

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