ORIGIN: Beignet was part of a feral colony, and came to Kitten Lady at almost adoptable age, but was very sick with fading kitten syndrome.

ABOUT THE KITTEN: Beignet is the ultimate sweetheart and super affectionate. She is also very trusting, and allowed Kitten Lady and crew to take good care of her in order to save her life.

JOURNEY: At an adoptable age, kittens should be about 2 pounds and 2 months, however, because Beignet was so sick, she was only at about 1 pound at 2 months. Her treatment involved subcutaneous fluids to keep her hydrated, and gentle but frequent force feeding via oral syringe. Eventually, Beignet began gaining weight and eating on her own, and showed her fun and playful side running and playing with any toy in her reach.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: #BeignYAY continues to thrive alongside her big sister, Mika and can be found on at BabyBeignet on Instagram.