Banjo and fiddle

ORIGIN: Banjo and Fiddle were sisters from the same litter, found underneath a trailer in West Virginia. The video below shows their daring rescue!

ABOUT THE KITTENS: Oh Banjo and Fiddle… They’re pretty much models.  They love playing and cuddling with one another. Banjo is a talker, and her loud meows were the reason Kitten Lady knew they were under the trailer. Fiddle has the best belly, and it earned her the hashtag #kindachunkyinthemiddle and a rap song.

JOURNEY: The kittens made the journey up from West Virginia with minimal feral baby hissing, and settled in at Kitten Lady’s abode. From the beginning, they played up a storm, and were known as some of the prettiest kitties in the DC area. They also made themselves useful at a orphaned neonatal training event at the Fairfax Animal Shelter! 

Getting weighed in.

Getting weighed in.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Banjo and Fiddle were adopted together, and now live with their big sister Jazz in the DC area. You can keep up to date with them on Instagram at banjofiddle.