Kitten Lady is a rescue and advocacy project with a mission to change the world for orphaned kittens. 

Hannah Shaw, Kitten Lady

Hannah Shaw, Kitten Lady

Orphaned kittens are faced with tremendous suffering. Vulnerable and defenseless in our shelters, on the streets, and in the homes that attempt to rescue them, these kittens cannot survive without our help. With few resources available, shelters and individuals often struggle to save their lives.  

Kitten Lady is changing the world for neonatal kittens by providing educational media and training resources about how to save the lives of the tiniest felines -- in a fun and engaging format. Kitten Lady reaches countless caring individuals across the globe every single day with inspiring and lifesaving information, and collaborates with shelters to advance protections and programs for kittens. 

Kitten Lady additionally provides rescue and adoption services to orphaned neonatal kittens in the Washington, DC area. 

Kitten Lady shares inspiring and adorable images from the daily life of a kitten rescuer on her Instagram and Facebook. The project has gained the attention of media outlets around the world.


Hannah Shaw is a dedicated animal advocate with over a decade in the animal protection field. Shaw has rescued hundreds of neonatal kittens, directed successful national nonprofit programs, and trained dozens of shelters and hundreds of advocates about innovative approaches to the protection of felines. Shaw's personal mission is to create a global change in the way we perceive and treat animals -- especially the tiniest felines -- orphaned kittens. Hannah is also known for her charitable project Rock to the Rescue, which she runs with her father, Tommy Shaw of Styx. Hannah is a frequent traveler, and is available for speaking and training anywhere in the world. She resides in Washington, DC with her two cats, Coco and Eloise, and a revolving door of orphaned kittens.